Joining SLCSC

If you wish for your child to join SLCSC then in the first instance you should contact who will then invite your child along for a trial session. If you wish for your child to attend our Learn to Swim program then please contact


We are extremely fortunate to have our own club house, which is run by volunteers (parents) of SLCSC swimmers. The club house is open on Saturday mornings, during home meets and galas. It is for the use of all swimmers, parents and friends, offering a range of food and refreshments at very reasonable prices. It is difficult to cater for the minority however we will do our best to cater for the majority, and to enable this to be done a suggestions book is situated in the club house. All funds raised by the club house contribute to the maintenance and purchase of swimming equipment that is valuable to SLCSC. This is a great place to chill out after a training session and catch up with your mates. For our new members it's a great place to meet new friends and get to know everyone you swim with, even the coaches. In addition if you looking for a low cost, self equipped, local venue for a special occasion or a venue for business purposes then the club house could be just what you are looking for. Rates are competitively priced. Please contact the Club House Manager for further details on We are always looking for helpful volunteers to help on Saturday mornings. The roster is posted on the noticeboard - take a look and e-mail if you are available on any of the opening dates.

Swimmers Charter

In order for the club to run effectively we require all swimmers to follow the swimmers charter.
Endeavour to attend at least as many of their sessions as possible and will inform their Coach if they will be absent.
Arrive in good time for the beginning of the session with all necessary equipment in good order.
Spend time prior to a session preparing for the session by doing flexibility exercises.
Put every effort into the training sessions and avoid short cutting or missing sections by toilet excuses etc.
Always consult their Coach if they arrive late, wish to leave early, feel unwell etc.
Pay attention to the Coach when he/she is talking to them.
Keep up with the activities of the Club by reading the notice board and consulting Coaches/Officials.
Act in a responsible manner at all times.
At all galas it is expected that swimmers will: arrive at the venue in plenty of time for the warm up and immediately join their team group.
Remain at all times throughout the gala with their team group unless they have agreed with the team manager a reason to leave the poolside.
Not leave the poolside after their last swim until their team manager has agreed for them to go.
In a trophy gala they must remain to acknowledge the winning team, provide encouragement and support to fellow team members.
Keep in constant touch with the programme and prepare themselves in plenty of time for their race without relying on the team manager.
Wear a Club hat if a hat is to be worn.
Treat other swimmers, Coaches and Officials with respect.

Parents Charter

In order for the club to run effectively we require all Parents/Guardians to follow the Parents charter.
Ensure that the swimmers get to training sessions in good time.
Keep in touch with the Club activities, through notice boards, the website and e-mails.
Direct any queries to Coaches, when they are not involved in training sessions.
Do not shout out instructions to swimmers from the balcony.
Where queries are unresolved, request the issue be raised with the Committee.
Wherever possible, offer assistance in Club activities.
Promote a responsible and disciplined attitude.
Get swimmers to gala venues in good time.
Remain in the spectator area, whilst in the pool hall, unless requested to assist.
Encourage swimmers to remain with the team group.


SLCSC wouldnt be able to run without the parents who volunteer their time and energy to carry out vital roles. Please contact the chairperson if you have interest in joining the committee. The current committee members are as follows;
Chairperson - Clyde Finch
Vice-Chairperson - Vacant
Treasurer - Andrew Briggs
Secretary - Janet Croker
Competitions - Elizabeth Rummery
Membership - Hema
Club Records - Sal McCann
Club Kit - Ellie McKenzie
Child Welfare - Heidi Skells
Press - Annabel Lamb
Clubhouse - Caroline Sorrell
Website -
Without Portfolio - Julie Slator

Volunteering as an Official

Officials are those folks dressed in white that you see on poolside at all swimming galas. Without them galas can't function. They are crucially important to swimming both in your club and in clubs throughout the country. We have a constant requirement for swimmer's parents, and older swimmers, to train as new officials. ASA licensed galas such as our Tulip Open meet have a prescribed number of officials which need to be in attendance to meet the licensing conditions. It's only by attending these types of licensed galas that your children can achieve qualifying times for higher level meets, and for County, Regional and National level competitions. There is a constant demand for new officials because many leave the sport as their children move off to university and out of the club.

There are 2 basic levels or roles:
Judge Level 1: A Judge at Level 1 is trained to carry out the following duties: Timekeeper, Chief Timekeeper, Inspector of Turns Chief Inspector of Turns, Relay Take-off Judge.
Judge Level 2: A Judge at Level 2 is trained to carry out the following duties: Judge of Stroke, Finish Judge and Chief Finish Judge. Training as a Starter can be incorporated as an additional skill to achieve the Judge Level 2(S) qualification. J2(S) is a pre-requisite to undertaking Referee training.

The training for J1 Level takes place over the course of the swimming season from September to July. The training is workbook based and there will be a couple of classroom sessions which will normally be in the clubhouse, and practical sessions on poolside during galas where you will be mentored.
We should emphasis there is no cost involved to the individual. The club pays the ASA a small fee for your training.

Benefits of Becoming an Official;
Increase your technical knowledge of competitive swimming.
Supports the swimmers, club and sport.
Most clubs/events will provide free parking or parking expenses.
Most clubs/events will provide free entry and lunches.
Regional and National events will provide overnight accommodation expenses.
Looks good on CVs/Personal Statements of those doing sports A levels and GCSEs/BTechs.

Any parents interested in volunteering to help out at galas as judges, timekeepers or stewards please contact

Child Welfare

The SLCSC Child Welfare Officer is Heidi Skells. In the absence of Heidi at training sessions or galas here are some useful phone numbers.

ASA- Amateur Swimming Association
National Safeguard Officer-Jenny Dearman-01509640270

Sign posting help desk E-mail:

Wavepower Safeguarding Swimline: 0808 100 4001

Castle Complex Leisure Centre Safeguarding;ask to speak to the Duty Manager.

Lincolnshire Social Services Child referral Team 01522 782 111
Out of Hours:01522 782333

Lincolnshire Sports Partnership designated Child Protection Officer: Janet Inman 01522 585580
Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer: Lucy Blakey:01522 585580

County Sports Partnership(CPS)
Child Protection in Sport-CPSU: 01162 347278

NSPCC Safeguarding-NSPCC Helpline (24 Hour) 0808 800 5000

Childline; 0800 1111

Lincolnshire Police: 01522 532 222

Links to our club policies can be found on the Links page of the website.

Leaving SLCSC

We know that life can sometimes bring up changes, so if you wish for your child to leave SLCSC then please contact and to let them know of your decision. As long as you have informed us by the 20th of the month then the Direct Debit payment at the start of the following month should not be taken. However, we recommend that you also cancel the DD with your own bank.

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