Keith Haynes
Head Coach

Keith was appointed as Head Coach at SLCSC in August 2018 having worked previously as the Age Group coach at Plymouth Leander and after spending seven years as Head Coach at Caradon Swimming Club. Keith brings experience to the club as a former national level swimmer and has gone on to coach a number of athletes to British and English National championships, UK School Games and para-swimmers to new British records.

Hilary McKenzie
Skills Academy Coach

Level 2 Teaching Aquatics, Level 2 Coaching Swimming & Judge Level 2S. Hilary joined SLCSC in 2007 when her daughter Rebecca started swimming competitively. She started coaching in 2012. Her last course was in Plymouth, where she coached with John Rudd and the Plymouth Leander coaching team coaching British team swimmers 'I work mainly with the development squads, which allows me to work on the in water skills of our swimmers and see their progress and achievements.

Rosanna Abbott
Assistant Coach & Head of Junior Dolphins

Rosanna started with SLCSC in September 2020, and is a Level 1 and Level 2 Swimming Teacher. She is herself a former South Lincs swimmer and assisted with the delivery of club sessions during her time with the club and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her.

Tracey Walker
Development/Performance Coach

Level 2 Teaching Aquatics

Matt Gosling
Development/Performance Coach

Level 1 Coach

Chloe Hannam
Development/Performance Coach

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