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Ellie Mackenzie

Ellie is the mum of Aidan, who has been taking Aidan to the club since 2016. Here's her story:

Aidan joined SLCSC just after his 7th birthday in 2016 following a short time with ‘One Life’ where he developed his confidence in the water. Out of the water, Aidan was a very different boy. Shy, anxious and reluctant to speak, even to extended family.


Being part of SLCSC, has given Aidan the opportunity to shine within his own right. Right from the beginning, Aidan felt supported and comfortable to develop his swimming skills knowing that there was no pressure or need for him to talk to anyone. Aidan was able to watch and learn from the older swimmers in the club and in this he found his inspiration to be the best he could be. Due to mild hearing issues, Aidan has sometimes struggled to hear people, which possibly contributed to his reluctance to try and speak to people. The coaches at SLCSC have always treated him as an individual and have adapted their approach to coaching Aidan at times over the years using body language, hand gestures and always ensuring Aidan is looking at them while delivering instruction.


Through swimming and attending training sessions, Aidan has become a motivated, self-driven boy who has found a love of competition. Aidan is encouraged to challenge himself and learn from mistakes. Being able to reflect on what went well and what he needs to work on has instilled an independent approach to his swimming journey which has been mirrored in his school life too. Despite finding education a challenge at times, his teachers report that he is organised, ready to listen and determined to do his best.


Aidan has grown in confidence during his time with SLCSC and has forged some great friendships with boys and girls of all ages. Aidan is able to hold conversations with his peers and can engage with his coaches in a mature and focused way. Now, at eleven years of age, Aidan has already achieved great things at competition, qualified for County championships and was selected for the Swim England Talent Pathway in 2020 but above all else, he is a confident individual who now believes that anything and everything is possible if you have the mindset and desire to achieve it.

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