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Skills Academy

Swimmers who have completed the SLCSC Junior Dolphins programme, or swimmers who have attained a minimum of stage 7 in an external Learn-to-Swim programme, are ready to progress into the first of the club’s squads.

Skills Academy focuses on continuing to develop swimmers technical skills across all four strokes through the use of more complex drills. Swimmers will start using various items of swimming equipment, such as kickboards and fins, in order to aid their progression.

As swimmers progress through Skills Academy they will learn the rules of the strokes for racing successfully and will also start to tackle longer distances in the pool across Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle and Individual Medley.

In Skills Academy, swimmers will also start to undertake their first competitions. Initially these will be internal competitions at South Lincs, such as time trials and Club Championships, before swimmers progress to local Level 3 Open Meets.

Progression from Skills Academy is to Development Squad.

You can view the skills matrix by downloading the file below.

Skills Matrix

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