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Silver Squad

Progression is from Bronze squad to Silver squad. Here swimmers are training to train. Swimmers follow an annual programme of greater periodization and their training includes aerobic work, threshold and goal pace work. Swimmers follow more complex sessions making a greater demand on training various energy zones.

Swimmers in Silver squad continue training with various items of swimming equipment including kick board, pull buoy, fins, paddles and are introduced to using snorkels as a training aid. Sessions include training across all four competitive strokes, with a strong focus on Individual Medley work. Swimmers also undertake regular kicking sets and pulling sets.

Training is now focused at producing optimal competition performance at various points throughout the year. Swimmers are expected to participate at Club Championships, County Championships and Regional Championships. Swimmers are further expected to participate at various level 2 and level 1 Open Meets throughout the season. There are also opportunities for swimmers to undertake Open Water competition in Silver squad.

At the discretion of the Head Coach, swimmers progress from Silver squad to Gold squad.

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