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Gold Squad

Swimmers progress from Silver squad to Gold squad at the Head Coaches discretion. Here swimmers are training to compete. Swimmers undertake an annual training programme in three cycles with the intension of swimmers peaking for optimal competition performances on three occasions throughout the year.

Swimmers in Gold squad follow a programme that includes skills, aerobic, threshold and goal pace work as well as basic speed. The demands of the squad are high and swimmers are expected to be focused on swimming as a high priority and are expected to show commitment to both the training and competition programme.

The initial cycle of the year focuses on short course swimming and is aimed at taking as many of the squad swimmers as possible to Winter National Championships, through competition at level 2 Open Meets. The second cycle of training looks to produce optimal performance long course during the National qualification window at various level 1 Open Meets and at Regional Championships. The final cycle of the year focuses on producing best performances at both British Championships and Summer Nationals.

Swimmers in Gold squad participate in Club Championships, County Championships and Regional Championships, with an expectation that athletes are focused on achieving qualification to British Championships and Summer Nationals. Swimmers also have the opportunity to participate in both Level 2 and Level 1 Open Meets and also in Open Water competition.

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