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Bronze Squad

Swimmers progress from Development to Bronze squad at the discretion of the Head Coach. Here swimmers will start developing their aerobic capacities to a greater degree, whilst an element of skill acquisition remains in order to refine strokes. Swimmers will follow sessions that include a warm up, speed set, skills work and an aerobic set.

Swimmers in Bronze squad continue working with swimming equipment such as kick board, pull buoys, fins and also start to use paddles. Sessions include training across all four competitive strokes and Individual Medley, which plays an important part in swimmers all round conditioning. Swimmers also undertake kicking and pulling sets.

Competition is an important factor in the development of swimmers in Bronze squad. Swimmers are expected to compete at Club Championships, County Championships and some of the squad also compete at Regional Championships. Swimmers are expected to also participate in Level 3 Open Meets, both long course and short course and stronger swimmers in the squad will be invited to participate in Level 1 Open Meets.

Swimmers in Bronze squad are expected to compete across all strokes and distances and are required to have registered times in all events before they progress to Silver squad.

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