Details about our squads

Junior Dolphins

Junior Dolphins is our starting tier for your little ones that are just beginning their swimming adventure, or are looking to progress their skills.

For the very young ones, no experience necessary - we'll get them used to the water in our learning pool.  They'll then progress through the various groups before eventually moving on to our Skills Academy team.

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Skills Academy

Swimmers who have completed the SLCSC Junior Dolphins programme, or swimmers who have attained a minimum of stage 7 in an external Learn-to-Swim programme, are ready to progress into the first of the club’s squads.

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Development Squad

Swimmers progress from our Skills Academy into the Development squad. Here swimmers will have an increase in training time per week. The primary focus of the squad remains one of enhanced skill acquisition through the use of more complex drills. Swimmers are also introduced to aerobic sets as a way to develop their fitness, and also to basic speed.

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Bronze Squad

Swimmers progress from Development to Bronze squad at the discretion of the Head Coach. Here swimmers will start developing their aerobic capacities to a greater degree, whilst an element of skill acquisition remains in order to refine strokes. Swimmers will follow sessions that include a warm up, speed set, skills work and an aerobic set.

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Silver Squad

Progression is from Bronze squad to Silver squad. Here swimmers are training to train. Swimmers follow an annual programme of greater periodization and their training includes aerobic work, threshold and goal pace work. Swimmers follow more complex sessions making a greater demand on training various energy zones.

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Gold Squad

Swimmers progress from Silver squad to Gold squad at the Head Coaches discretion. Here swimmers are training to compete. Swimmers undertake an annual training programme in three cycles with the intension of swimmers peaking for optimal competition performances on three occasions throughout the year.

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