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Entries open for Tulip at www.cluborganiser.co.uk

 2016 Training Schedule

Print versions below;

Training Squad timetable for all P, D, F & W squads

Please note when Oundle training is on there is NO TRAINING for P2, P1, D4 & D3 at Spalding pool on the Sunday night.

Training Timetable for P2 Squad

Training  Timetable for P1 Squad

Training Timetable for D4 Squad

Training Timetable for D3 Squad

Training Timetable for D2 Squad

Training Timetable for D1 Squad

Students Membership is available at £3 per month payable in advance

plus 1/4 of the squad fee for every week you swim

Please email membership@slcsc.co.uk to advise your return date

& the Coach will be contacted to find out which squad you can swim with. 

PAYS is available at £3 per month in advance plus £3 for each session swum

sessions open to PAYS are Monday & Wednesday 5.30am - 7.30am

Any trial to the next squad is for 1 month at the original squad fee.

From the start of the second month the new squad fee is payable even if the trial continues.