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Tulip Open Meet Results

Tulip Open Meet - Link to Official Photos

COPS Mini Gala - 16th June

Junior Lincs League - 26th May

Bank Holiday Training - 7th & 28th May

Lincolnshire County Consideration Times 2018/19

Parents and Swimmers Charter

For the club to run effectively we require all, members to follow the parents and swimmers charter.


  • Endeavour to attend at least as many of their sessions as possible and will inform their Coach if they will be absent
  • Arrive in good time for the beginning of the session with all necessary equipment in good order
  • Spend time prior to a session preparing for the session by doing flexibility exercises
  • Put every effort into the training sessions and avoid short cutting or missing sections by toilet excuses etc.
  • Always consult their Coach if they arrive late, wish to leave early, feel unwell etc.
  • Pay attention to the Coach when he/she is talking to them
  • Keep up with the activities of the Club by reading the notice board and consulting Coaches/Officials
  • Act in a responsible manner at all times
  • At all galas it is expected that swimmers will: arrive at the venue in plenty of time for the warm up and immediately join their team group
  • Remain at all times throughout the gala with their team group unless they have agreed with the team manager a reason to leave the poolside
  • Not leave the poolside after their last swim until their team manager has agreed for them to go. In a trophy gala they must remain to acknowledge the winning team provide encouragement and support to fellow team members.
  • Keep in constant touch with the programme and prepare themselves in plenty of time for their race without relying on the team manager
  • Wear a Club hat if a hat is to be worn
  • Treat other swimmers, Coaches and Officials with respect.


  • Ensure that the swimmers get to training sessions in good time
  • Keep in touch with the Club activities, through notice boards, the website and e-mails
  • Direct any queries to Coaches, when they not involved in training sessions
  • Do not shout out instructions to swimmers from the balcony
  • Where queries are unresolved, request the issue be raised with the Committee
  • Wherever possible, offer assistance in Club activities
  • Promote a responsible and disciplined attitude
  • Get swimmers to gala venues in good time
  • Remain in the spectator area, whilst in the pool hall, unless requested to assist
  • encourage swimmers to remain with the team group