Esther Skells Anya Sam Fovargue Pool at Tulip Daisy or Millie Luke Elliott Tulip meet 2016

Zoggs Fun Day at Castle Pool on 22nd July

 Coaching Team 2017/18

Hilary McKenzie

Hilary McKenzie - Development Squad Coach

Level 2 Teaching Aquatics, Level 2 Coaching Swimming & Judge Level 2S

Hilary joined SLCSC in 2007 when her daughter Rebecca started swimming competitively. She started coaching in 2012.

Her last course was in Plymouth, where she coached with John Rudd and the Plymouth Leander coaching team coaching British team swimmers 'I work mainly with the development squads, which allows me to work on the in water skills of our swimmers and see their progress and achievements.'

Mandy Houghton

Level 2 Swimming Teacher




Ron Pates

 Ron Pates -  County Development Squad Coach

Ron Pates  is a loyal and dedicated coach who has been involved with SLCSC for many years and comes to the pool every Thursday,Saturday and Sunday to train the swimmers. His daughter Sarah was a swimmer with the club and Ron has continued to show keen enthusiasm to all the swimmers he coaches. 


Lorraine McCann


Level 2 Teaching Aquatics

Level 1 Coaching


Brendan White-Skills Academy Coach

 Level 1 Coaching Swimming


Graham-D3 Coach

 Level 1 Swimming Teacher



Karl O'Brien

Level 1 Coaching Swimming

Tracey Walker D3 Coach

Level 2 Teaching Aquatics



Tracey Abbott County Development Coach

Level 1 Coaching Swimming


Matt Gosling

Level 1 Coach


Leo Rahman - Lane Coach

Level 1 Teaching Aquatics & Level 1 Coaching Swimming


Tom Hannam

Judge Level 1& Level 1 Coaching Swimming

Former Swimmer with SLCSC

Rosanna Abbot

Level 1 Coaching Swimming

A current County Development Swimmer and Senior Girls Club Captain